SPARK QSC continually provides live trainings that can be accessed through our calendar. Trainings include Mandatory PHLPreK trainings, Professional
Development as well as Childware Trainings.

These live trainings can be virtual and/or in-person with opportunities for attendees to ask questions and interact throughout the training.

For an up-to-date list of the upcoming sessions visit the Events Calendar.


SPARK QSC provides select trainings on demand that are eligible for PQAS credits and allow providers to learn on their own schedule. Providers will engage in diverse topics with knowledge checks or reflection questions as well as have applicable resources so they can apply their new knowledge.

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Support that makes your childcare business thrive!

CIVITAS is business consulting specifically for childcare businesses that is offered to PHLpreK providers through SPARK quality support center. CIVITAS provides consulting on the areas that most commonly affect childcare businesses that include:

- Record Keeping
- Bookkeeping

- Tax Preparation
- Staff Recruitment

Providers can access CIVITAS resources two ways:

1. Work one-on-one with a CIVITAS consultant on a single topic.
2. Access the online guides for each topic and work independently.

To initiate one-on-one work with a consultant, fill out the survey that will take 1-3 minutes. You will then receive a link to schedule an online meeting with a CIVITAS consultant to discuss topic selection.

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To access the online guides, click here.

PEER Program

We are excited to announce the distribution of the "Power of PEER" program.

The Power of PEER program has been created to foster relationships between caregivers and children that builds connections and supports meaningful relationships while building school readiness.

The Power of PEER program and resources were created in a collaboration between Harvard Center for the Developing Child, SPARK Quality Support Center, and Shine Early Learning. The program is thoughtfully designed to be fun and easily implemented into every day activities such as bedtime, dinner time and household chores.

Providers who have families that implement the PEER program have students who are more prepared to follow instructions, understand rules, express feelings and be independent which facilitates a better school experience.

The program is delivered as three books (Fall, winter, and spring) which include PEER activity cards (in both Spanish and English) that will guide caregivers in having meaningful interactions by employing the PEER(E) mantra: Pause, Engage, Encourage, Reflect, and Extend.

For each enrolled PHLpreK family you will receive:

1 PEER kit that will include three PEER books: Fall, Winter, Spring
Flier: How to use PEER Cards - 4 Key Points to Remember
Online access to the PEER website containing short informational videos and tutorials

Providers will have access to participate in:

A three-part training series that will support providers to encourage their families
One-on-one coaching, Community of Practice, or technical assistance

For providers who want to provide all families with access to these materials (not just PHLpreK), we suggest creating a library with your PEER books that will allow families to borrow and return these valuable resources.

For more information, contact the SPARK Quality Support Center at

We look forward to continually supporting your early learning center!



Days that are dedicated to your continual professional growth.
These virtual events are an opportunity for early childhood education (ECE) providers and staff to earn PQAS credits by participating in programming that addresses diverse topics that can be applied to classroom practices and social-emotional learning.

Topics vary for each professional development day and are chosen based on community need and input. Topics range from family engagement, school operations, challenging behaviors that are seen in the school setting to managing traumatic events and more.

Each professional development day will offer three sessions on three different topics. Providers can attend individual sessions or all three virtually. To learn when the next professional development day is scheduled and to register, visit the Events Calendar.

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PEER Learning Circles

Peer Learning Circles (PLCs) are a group of 5-9 peers in the same type of position, who commit to self-directed problem solving. Members meet regularly (virtually) to discuss current concerns, share insights and experiences, support and question each other, and jointly problem-solve. Groups are formed by 5-9 peers focused on a similar area with room for improvement, who commit to self-directed problem-solving. Members meet regularly to discuss current concerns, share insights and experiences, support and question each other, and jointly problem-solve. Facilitated by a QSC staff member.
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Communities of Practice

Communities of Practice (COPs) are a group of people who share a common concern, a set of problems, or interest in a topic who come together (virtually or in person) to fulfill both individual and group goals through multiple 1-2 hour sessions on that particular topic. COPS are facilitated by SPARK QSC staff and scheduled through the events calendar.
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